Amethyst Flower Agate Spheres

Amethyst Flower Agate - Self Love & Nourishment

The powerful and fascinating Amethyst Flower Agate was recently discovered in Madagascar. Its rarity in relation to other crystals and its distinctive properties make it one of the most sought after stones.


Amethyst Flower Agate Sphere

Amethyst is a natural crystal that reduces stress and tension, provides calamity, regulates mood swings, and alleviates aggression, rage, fear, and anxiety. Amethyst promotes psychic powers by activating spiritual consciousness, opening up intuition, and elevating inner child awareness. It relaxes and stimulates the mind, thus  allowing you to become more focused and motivated.

Flower Agate is a grounding stone that can be utilized to promote self-growth and emotional equilibrium. This stone is linked to the Heart chakra, which is known for increasing spontaneity and joy.

The combination of both crystals makes Amethyst Flower Agate a very unique and powerful gem.

Common properties of Flower Agate


Flower Agate is a powerful stone that relieves tension and anxiety while bringing peace and harmony to your life.

This feminine gemstone helps you achieve your goals by increasing your sense of purpose. Also, It encourages determination, ambition, and bravery. This implies you'll be in the appropriate state of mind to overcome your daily obstacles.

Its presence sends you a gentle reminder to live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.


By providing all of these emotional and spiritual benefits, Flower Agate has an indirect impact on your body. By elevating stress and anxiety your body will feel lighter and more energized. 

If you have difficulties sleeping, Flower Agate is the perfect stone for you. This crystal's relaxing colors will help you sleep better by stabilizing your emotions. It is also useful for lowering the severity of headaches and migraines.


Self Love 

Flower Agate puts you on a path of self awareness where you will discover yourself from within. It constantly reminds you of who’s in charge. YOU!
This journey is all about understanding and accepting one’s self. 

Flower Agate is a protective crystal that promotes joy and happiness, thus rekindling your zest for life.
When you embrace this new perspective of your surroundings, you can BLOSSOM and FLOWER into the person you are always meant to become.


Amethyst Flower Agate


The stone of Divine Feminine Energy - Amethyst Flower Agate, constantly reminds us that the love we seek is already within us!

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