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De La Mushka

Amethyst Bundle - 2

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Bundle - Extra Grade Amethyst Agate Tower, Amethyst Heart and Mini Amethyst Geode with Chabazite and Calcite 

Amethyst crystal is extremely protective and represents purification and connection to spiritual and divine beings. It's said to dispel negative energy and can protect against outside influences, intoxication and over-indulgence. It enhances intuition, spirituality and meditation. Calms the mind and spirit. 

Chabazite is an excellent aid to use in your daily meditation. Its energy may help you to release anger, and can assist you to keep going even when you mentally feel that you are unable to continue.


Weight is 7 oz.

Amethyst Agate Tower and Amethyst Heart are ethically sourced from Brazil 

Amethyst Geodes are sourced from India 

Each crystal has a singular beauty and energy!



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